IHUK Referee Section - Expression of Interest Form

This form allows people who are interested in becoming a referee to register their interest with the IHUK Referee Section.

By the end of season 2021/22, we will have run 6 level 1 courses. If you did not manage to book onto one of these courses then don't worry ... we are looking to run courses further courses in summer 2022 and season 2022/23.

Throughout the season we look to run the following number of courses:
- Three level 1 courses in England
- Two level 1 courses in Scotland

We are unable to run courses in every rink in the country and so you will need to travel to the one that is closest or most convenient for you in terms of date.

By registering your interest via this form, the IHUK Referee Section will be able to notify you when the dates are confirmed for the upcoming level 1 courses so you can book your place to attend.


Personal Details

Please fill in this section with the details of the individual interested in becoming a referee.

Parent or Legal Guardian

If you are under the age of 18 please fill in the details of your parent or guardian. They will then also be sent all of the relevant information regarding the referee programme to aid you with joining us. If you are over the age of 18 or you do not wish for your parent to receive the information also then please write N/A for all of the questions in this section.


Please provide the following details regarding your location.

Sunday October 24th                                       Sunday October 31st

Venue: Ice Sheffield                                      Venue: Ozone - Bracknell

Time: 10:00 – 18:00                                         Time: 12:00 – 20:00

Ice Hockey Background

Please provide information regarding your involvement in ice hockey previously.
If none then please write N/A.

Ice Hockey Officiating Background

If no then please write N/A

Declaration and Data Protection

Personal Information Provided *
Your personal information will only be used by the IHUK Referee Section and will not be passed onto any third parties where it is not linked to the information needed to become a referee for IHUK.